About Ringler Studios

Debi RinglerWe at Ringler Studios are potters specializing in hand made 100% high-fire wares with custom prepared crystalline glazes. Employing ultra-high temperatures, we use quality fluxes and an array of mined minerals mimicking the natural volcanic heat of molten flowing magma that transforms the art into a glass surface. The crystalline process takes slow cooling and the element of time where the crystals seed and grow producing the beauty of a one dimensional crystal. Most potters abandon the high-fire process as it diminishes the life of the kiln. We abandon caution and strive for the ultimate durability and splendor not found in lesser methods; thus the higher price but supplementary value to you, our valued customer. .

Michael RinglerMichael and Debi love nature and nature photography. In 1998, the both took camera in hand and drove to the Pemberton Road are in Vandalia, Michigan. Walking down the gravel side road, they both caught eye of a sign with a warning to all Federal Agents, IRS, State and local police, to not trespass without a warrant. This property was Rainbow Farm (see "About Rainbow Farm" on this website). Having a love of the area, they understood the charm that Rainbow Farm possessed. Long story short, the Ringler's bought the east sections of the farm comprised of the original Rainbow Farm Campground and the section where the Joint camp store one stood.

Debi Ringler holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Michael a Bachelor in business. Learning the techniques of pottery from master crystalline potters from the famed Seagrove, North Carolina area, they bring back that art to the Southwestern Michigan communities and the love of the land, to their art of pottery and craft. Please look through the exquisite products and remember the freedom Rainbow Farm holds.