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Business/IT Executive: Providing decision support,
process improvement, and leadership expertise.

Executive Portfolio

A Strategic and Tactical business-savvy technology Executive and Leader. Consistent and vital contributor to corporate vision, planning, strategy and execution with success driving the development of leading-edge products and project management processes in industries as diverse as High-end Electronics, NASA & DOD manufacturing, Automotive, Tooling, Furniture, Plastics, Distribution, and Software to attain new market opportunities and business profitability.



Michael Ringler's Qualities:

Key Attributes & Skill List: consultant, contract, business intelligence, bi, strategic, IT, alignment, project management, portfolio management, RPG, programming, jd edwards world, jde world, systems design, systems development, change management, outsource management, staff development, team building, process transformation, budgeting, cost control, policy, procedures, strategic planning, thought management, relationship, leadership, collaboration, training, data center, motivate, calm behavior, big-picture, integrity, creative.

  • Increases Value , Reduces Costs and Drives Revenue Growth by developing World Class information systems.
  • Directs a staff of more than 45 employees ensuring accountability for their training and development.
  • Leads software development and R&D divisions in corporations from 12 to 30,000 at the General-Management level.
  • Leads manufacturing, logistic distribution, and mid-range software development & sales with leading edge products and technologies.
  • Matures development processes for geographically dispersed teams.
  • Implements compliance and standards.
  • Scales development and project management processes to improve architecture, design, user experience, quality and efficiency.
  • Approaches every project with the ideas of building simplicity, precision, and clarity.
    • Projects a "quiet and unassuming" high level of confidence
    • Calm behavior during tense situations
    • Leads by example
    • Understands the big-picture
    • Unscrupulous integrity
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • Accepts responsibility for actions
    • Creative personality
    • Strives to empower others
    • Treats others as he wants to be treated
    • Sets goals and then achieves them