Your Guide to Ringler Studios Glazes

At Ringler Studios, our pottery consists of three distinct glaze finishes; crystalline, rustic, and food-safe.

Crystalline Glaze

This is our crystalline glaze. In each firing, we get a variety of results as each piece is unique. Each pot is similar in our intended color, but the crystals vary in size and shape. It is always a pleasure to open the kiln and see the new crystals, colors, and patterns.

Rustic Glaze

Rustic glazes are high fire glossy glass that create patterns and variations of color. Each high fire piece requires pedestals underneath them to collect the drips of glaze flowing off the pot. Each pot requires grinding on the bottomx to remove the drips. It is a time consuming process.

Food Safe

Food safe is common in our pottery While the look of crystalline and rustic high fire glazes are pleasing to the eye, it is always a compromise of function vs. beauty. The food safe glaze is somewhat plain but needed for using soft and semi-soft foods.