About Us

In the mid-1990s, AItech Research was creating software on the AS/400 platform using “artificial intelligence” routines (the AI part of the name) and marketed throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Now, AItech is instrumental on IT Recruiting with IBM and other platforms: primarily, IT Programmers or Software Engineers, Software Testers, Management, Technical Operations, Project and Portfolio Managers, and other positions.

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Send Your Resume

Your resume or CV (curriculum vitae) transforms your skills and experiences into conversations while interviewing with clients.  Your professional history, education and certifications, works in community, published articles and books can be a source of value to you.  Send us your resume or CV today.

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Our Services

We work with employers
(our clients) and job seekers
(our candidates) to ensure an ultimate level of success.  Our service is tailored to exceed expectations.

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Our Vision

We have the vision and experience of transforming work into exciting new careers. We transform ideas into reality with efficient planning and seamless cohesion each and every time.

We bring our talents to the forefront by accessing candidates skills and encouraging them to reach the next step in their career journey.


Tailored Approach

Our goals are innovative, iconic and tailored to exceed expectations. From corporations in manufacturing and finance, our team has the experience and dedication to bring your IT strategies to life.

By using your specifics of a job order matching a high watermark, we deliver interesting candidates, time and time again.

Our Location

While we’re located in the green vistas of Michigan, we work with clients and candidates throughout the US.  We work with Zoom to face-to-face to learn the nuances with clients or the candidate.   Our work has stood out in many industries for its captivating appeal and earthy personality. We take the best candidates and prepare the individual to ace and interview.

Zoom in today for a free consultation! Let us show you how we can do more for you than anyone else.

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We bring career dreams to life.