Our Customers

Empoyers (clients) and Job Seekers (candidates) are the main AItech customers we work with everyday.  


Indeed, JobCareer, and other job board media websites transformed the employee selection process, however, boots on the ground recruiters overall present well vetted candidates.  Each candidate goes through our extensive interview process (resume or CV, tough questions based on each resume [our tailored approach] and our Zoom meeting deep-seated feel).


Talent Solutions for candidates – variety of employment opportunities


Andel J.

Client’s details

It Starts With Our Recruitment Process 

AItech recruitment process is highly interactive and focuses on understanding the specific requirements of the open position and the ideal candidate profile for success in the client’s business. We begin each project with a needs discussion and assign a dedicated recruiter to handle all preselection and support activities. We also schedule a predetermined candidate interview date, which saves time and money by only interviewing top candidates on one day.


We identify and place talented executives in these roles:

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Creative Director
Director of Digital Data Design
VP of Information Technology
Information Technology Director
Software Engineers
Senior Software Engineer
VP of Operations

Operations Support Staff
Operations Security
IT Test Engineers
VP Project Manager Office
Senior Project Managers
Project Managers
Portfolio Managers
Other Positions




Vernon S.

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“A Career move could be very disruptive.”

Yes, making a career move can be stressful for individuals, and it is important for AItech Research to provide a professional and courteous service throughout the process. This includes acknowledging receipt of the application, respecting candidates’ time, understanding their career goals, being transparent about expectations and timelines, providing timely updates on the status of their application, and being an engaged advocate for the candidate.|

For a successful candidate, AItech will work directly with you on onboarding to your new employer. Additionally, it is important for the AItech to respond to phone calls, emails, and text messages, and to provide notification of unsuccessful applications in a timely and respectful manner.